<center>Elena Atrashkevich</center>

Elena Atrashkevich

<center>Margarita Aleksandrovich</center>

Margarita Aleksandrovich

<center>Valentina Olshanskaya</center>

Valentina Olshanskaya

<center>Tatyana Kormazinova</center>

Tatyana Kormazinova

Flute, recorder
<center>Aleksandr Atrashkevich</center>

Aleksandr Atrashkevich

Bassoon, saxophone, recorder
<center>Elena Ohotnikova</center>

Elena Ohotnikova


Each teacher in the art-studio “Talisman udachi” is an expert in his field. Comprehensive approach and practical knowledge accumulated over the years will help you to achieve outstanding results as quickly as possible. At the moment we are willing to train you in areas such as academic vocal, folk singing, pop singing; performance skills on the instruments guitar, saxophone, violin, flute, block-flute, bassoon.

Are you already a student at a music school and maybe want to dedicate your life to music? Are you a student of a higher educational, school or University and the number and quality of classes with your teacher seems insufficient to you? Or maybe you are an adult and want to study from scratch on the instrument? In early childhood you did, or even finished music school, and want to remember what has long been forgotten? Art-studio “Talisman udachi” is sure to help you with this.

The best teachers of the country, comfortable learning conditions, reasonable prices!